Welcome to the JFR Studio: North Dakota. The work I do here differs from that in my California studio in subject and media. This is primarily my printing studio as I have more room to work with and I am better able use larger equipment. Subject matter changes because my environment changes; dramatically: This studio is on the site where my grandfather built his first house in 1917. He lived here with his wife and eight children making a living farming until he retired and sold the farm to my uncle who lived here and also made his living farming. When he retired I had the unique opportunity to "buy the farm"so to speak (although I really only bought the farmhouse and surrounding buildings). It is difficult to spend my time here without the influence of place and time. As a result, my work absorbs some of this influence in the representation of history and personal history through the work.

I hope you enjoy the work you see here and appreciate the time put into it. After all, it is more than one lifetime.